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About Mechanical Engineering?

With over 550 students, mechanical engineering is the largest department in the college. Students in this department develop real world skills, using both traditional mechanical engineering approaches as well as the latest computational design and advanced manufacturing techniques. In the department’s capstone senior design course, some work with nearly 20 business sponsors, both national and local, to craft solutions to industrial challenges, while others participate national design competitions, focused on aerospace, robotics, and automotives. These skills provide our students with the education and experience they need to work in the manufacturing and business worlds, to pursue careers in industry, consulting, government and military or to start their own businesses. Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to work directly with faculty in their labs to gain research experience and valuable analytical skills.

Why Mechanical Engineering at the U of A?

Our graduate programs include both M.S. and Ph.D. options and offers teaching assistantships and research assistantships with highly competitive stipends, fellowships, and additional support. Research assistantships are directed by faculty who are investigating technologies that have the power to change the way we travel, use energy and produce goods. Mechanical engineering faculty are working on the macro to the nano scale to improve materials and systems and to create new products. Faculty research, in areas including design, thermal-fluids, control systems, robotics, advanced materials manufacturing and others, has the potential to impact the fields of energy production and use, transportation, manufacturing, space exploration and more.