Employment & Assistantships



 Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas offers highly competitive assistantships for graduate students each year.

  • Teaching Assistants (TA)
    • A few teaching assistantships are offered each year.  TA positions are used to support departmental teaching needs, such as grading and leading drill sections.  TA's must meet the minimum GRE scores in all categories in order to be considered for these positions.  Decisions regarding TA awards are typically made late in the spring semester.
  • Research Assistants (RA)
    • Various faculty offer research assistantships based on their needs and research grants.  Applicants are highly encouraged to communicate directly with the Mechanical Engineering faculty to see if there are common research interests and if they are willing to offer an RA position.  Please refer to our Research page for information on current areas of interest.
    • Alternatively, once a student's application is complete, the application and statement of interest is forwarded to the faculty for review and consideration.