What is the deadline for applying?

For primary consideration for an Assistantship, applications should be received by the Department to Mechanical Engineering by February 1 for Fall semester enrollment.  Applications for Assistantships received after February 1 will be considered in the order that they are received if additional Assistantship positions are available.

For general admission (without Assistantship), applications should reach the Graduate Admissions Office no later than one month prior to the date of registration.

  • Fall semester, August 1
  • Spring semester, December 1
  • Summer, April 15

For general admission of international applicants (without Assistantship), deadlines are:

  • Fall semester, April 1
  • Spring semester, October 1
  • Summer, March 1

What additional documents are necessary for applying?

All applicants to the ME graduate program must provide a one page Statement of Purpose with their application which describes what research field they wish to pursue in graduate school. In addition to the online application, those students applying for an assistantship must complete an Application for Graduate Assistantship. Domestic students should submit this form with all supporting documents with their online application. International applicants should submit this form and all supporting documents to the International Admissions Office with their application.

Can the English Proficiency Requirement be waived?

The requirement is waived for students whose native language is English or who have obtained an U.S. bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited institution.  The English proficiency requirements can be found on the website of the Graduate School and International Education.

What is the minimum GRE (Graduate Record Exam) score accepted?

For admission to the MSME program, applicants must achieve a recommended score on the GRE general test of 154/145/3.0 on G/V/AW sections to be considered for admission.

For admission to the Ph.D. Program, applicants must achieve a recommended score on the GRE general test of 158/149/3.0 on Q/V/AW sections to be considered for admission.

What is the institutional code for the U of A?

The U of A institutional code is 6866.

Does the Mechanical Engineering department offer conditional admission?

No, a student will not be accepted into the program on the condition of anticipation of passing test scores.