Mechanical Engineering Override Information & Process

All override requests are submitted to the department electronically. Hard copies brought to the office for processing will be returned to the student and not submitted for approval.

If requesting an override into a class, please complete the following steps:

    1. Complete the override form (PDF) with all the required information
    2. Using the "Student: Submit to Instructor" button, email the override request to the Instructor of Record as listed in UAConnect. (See the directory page for the faculty member's email)

Note: This form works best using Internet Explorer; the "submit" button may not work correctly in other browsers. If using a browser other than IE, please save the form & manually email to your instructor as an attachment.

  1. The instructor will review the request and do one of the following:
    • Make preliminary approval of the request and submit to the department for final approval
    • Contact the student for additional information
    • Deny the request and inform the student of the denial and justification for denial.

Important Note: If requesting an override due to missing pre or co-requisite, please complete the comment section with justification of your request. Override request will not be processed without this information.

Please allow 3-5 days for full processing of the override request.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the Mechanical Engineering office at 479-575-3153.