Technical-Science Electives

As part of the mechanical engineering curriculum, students are required to complete four technical/science electives (at least 12 hours total). These electives can be categorized into three groups:

Mechanical Engineering Electives

All mechanical engineering courses at or above the 4000 level not already required in the BSME curriculum are acceptable. Special Project courses, MEEG 492V Individual Study in Mechanical Engineering, are allowed as electives only after approval in advance by the department head.

For planning purposes, below are the ME Electives and typical semester offerings.  These courses are subject to availability and enrollment.

Course Number Course Name Typically Offered
MEEG 4143 Design for Safety Spring
MEEG 4213 Control of Mech Systems Spring
MEEG 4313 Introduction to Tribology Spring
MEEG 4423 Power Generation Spring
MEEG 4433 Aerospace Propulsion Spring
MEEG 4633 Additive Manufacturing Spring
MEEG 4333 Hybrid Electric Vehicles Spring
MEEG 491V/591V Modern Principles in Thermal Transport Spring
MEEG 5033 Advanced Mechanics of Materials Spring
MEEG 5163 Advanced Product Design Spring
MEEG 5343 Computational Material Science Spring
MEEG 5403 Advanced Thermodynamics Spring
MEEG 5533 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics Spring
MEEG 4253 Introduction to Robotics Fall
MEEG 4473 Indoor Environmental Controls Fall
MEEG 4503 Intro to Flight Fall
MEEG 4523 Astronautics Fall
MEEG 4703 Mathematical Methods Engineering Fall
MEEG 491V Emerging Technologies for Smart Mfg Fall
MEEG 491V Machine Learning for Mechanical Engineers Fall
MEEG 5263 Intro to MEMS Fall
MEEG 5283 Microelectronics Reliability Fall
MEEG 5353 Lithium-Ion Batteries & Beyond Fall
MEEG 5453 Advanced Heat Transfer Fall
MEEG 5503 Advanced Fluid Dynamics I Fall
MEEG 591V Decisions in Design Fall


Other Engineering Electives

The rules governing the selection of engineering electives are:

Engineering or Computer Science/Computer Engineering courses at or above the 3000 level not already required in the BSME curriculum are allowed as technical-science electives. Courses with content remedial to required courses are not allowed, and courses considered redundant to required courses are not allowed.

Additionally, CSCE 2004 Programming Foundations I may be used as a technical science elective, for up to 3 hours credit.

Some courses are very similar to courses required in the BSME curriculum and are not allowed, including:

  • INEG 2413 - Engineering Economic Analysis
  • CVEG 3213 - Hydraulics
  • INEG 3513 - Manufacturing System Design
  • CHEG 3143 - Heat Transport
  • ELEG 3933 - Circuits and Electronics

Science-Math Electives

The following science and math courses are accepted as technical-science electives:


  • 2263 Analytical Chemistry Lecture
  • 2271 Analytical Chemistry Lab
  • 2613 Organic Physiological Chemistry
  • 3113 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
  • 3453 Elements of Physical Chemistry
  • 3451L Elements of Physical Chemistry Lab
  • 3504 Physical Chemistry I
  • 3514 Physical Chemistry II
  • 3512L Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • 3603 Organic Chemistry I
  • 3613 Organic Chemistry II


  • 3113 Analytical Mechanics
  • 3453 Electromagnetic Theory I
  • 3544 Optics
  • 3613 Modern Physics
  • 4073 Intro to Quantum Mechanics
  • 4333 Thermal Physics


  • 3083 Linear Algebra
  • 4423 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations