David Huitink

David Huitink

Assistant Professor


(MEEG)-Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 479-575-6263

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Prior to joining Academia, Professor Huitink spent more than 5 years in industry, working in microelectronics technology development and manufacturing at Intel Corporation, where he served as Quality & Reliability Engineering Program Manager for Intel's Custom Foundry Division. There he pioneered the development of advanced methods of predicting reliability of silicon-based flip chip microelectronic packages, as well as developed testing protocols and FEA methods for governing Design for Reliability (DfR) guidance. Additionally, he has patent applications filed in Low Z-height Electronic System design and thermal optimization of space limited electronic systems.  Currently, Professor Huitink serves as an Associate Editor of Microelectronics Reliability Journal.

Prior to his industry experience, Dr. Huitink received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, working on complex nano-scale interactions at material interfaces under chemical and mechanical influence.  His graduate work included carbon nanomaterial (CNTs and graphene) synthesis techniques, as well as studying nanoscale surface phenomena of sol-gel prepared metallic nanoparticles and interfacial behaviors under contact loading at the nanoscale. 

Applied Materials for Power Electronic Optimization
     - Test development and analysis of interfacial stress induced reliability failures
     - Electronic Packaging design and operational enhancement for high temperature reliability
     - Thermal dissipation enhancement using nanostructured materials for heat transfer

Multi-Physical Material Interactions 
     - Mechanical, thermal, & chemical interactions in novel nanostructured material systems
     - Mechanochemical Synthesis techniques for generating novel materials and metastable films with unique electro-optical properties
     - Nanocomposites and Nanofluids for enhanced Thermal and Mechanical behaviors

MEEG 2303: Introduction to Materials

MEEG 591V: Electronics Reliability

MEEG491V: Advances in Materials Technology for Thermal Management


Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering - Texas A&M University, 2011

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering - Texas A&M University, 2007

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering - Texas A&M University, 2006

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NSF Graduate Research Fellow (2007-2011)

Texas A&M Graduate Diversity Fellow (2008-2011)

Texas A&M Graduate Merit Fellow (2006-2007)

National Merit Scholar (2002-2006)

BSA Eagle Scout (2001)