Support the Mechanical Engineering Department

Support the Mechanical Engineering Department


The support of our alumni and friends is vital to the support of the current and next generations of students.  The impact your support has on our students educational experiences, career goals, and their futures is unparalleled and we are truly grateful!

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The Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Arkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineers

AR Academy of Mechanical Engineering Scholarship


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When you donate to the  Mechanical Engineering Department you will be supporting all projects and students, undergraduate and graduate.

You may also help contribute towards the Mechanical Engineering Sholarship fund!


Academy of Mechanical Engineering

The Arkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering or AAME was formed in 1982, with the approval of the Dean of Engineering and the President of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Their mission remains: to promote and support the mechanical engineering profession, to work with the UA department of mechanical engineering to increase the appeal of mechanical engineering and further the educational development of future engineers and to honor the mechanical engineer. Now you can support the mission of the AAME and give too. 

You may also help contribute towards the  AR Academy of Mechanical Engineering Sholarship fund!

Please note that if you give toward the end of the year, your donation can be counted as a deduction on your taxes for this year.