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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas

With a competent qualified faculty, a Mechanical Engineering education at U of A is more than classroom lectures. Laboratory experiences conducted in a well-maintained facility give the student a hands-on approach in the use of engineering principles and the opportunity to develop creative approaches to problems.

The Mechanical Engineering student with a desire to learn will develop and expand his or her knowledge and skills in the areas of engineering sciences, testing techniques, material properties, analysis and evaluation along with communication.

The available equipment, excellence in instruction and an emphasis on quality of education in Mechanical Engineering combine to prepare the student to step into positions of responsibility at the leading edge of today's technology.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a fully-accredited program built on a solid foundation in the basic sciences, mathematics and engineering principles, complemented by a knowledge and appreciation of humanities and social sciences.  Accreditation of the department's program guarantees you that the credits and degree you earn will be accepted throughout the United States by employers, other universities, and professional engineering registration boards.

In short, students are prepared to be leaders and innovators, not merely "technologists."

One of the advantages of being a Mechanical Engineer is the breadth of employment opportunities that are available upon graduation.

The curriculum of this department provides the student with many options in preparing for his or her career. In an attempt to give the student some guidelines in this area, the department offers the student three informal options. These options are Mechanical System Design and Materials, Thermal System Design, and Engineering Mechanics


The vision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas is:

To serve society by preparing high quality mechanical engineers and performing impactful scholarly work that advances the well-being of Arkansas and beyond.

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